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i can rage like a fire,

and you'd bring rain i desire.

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Hello, I'm Coleen. Long walks on the beach and sunsets are my favourite things to do in my spare time while ponies and unicorns are possibly the best animals out there. SCREW THAT SHIT. I'm Coleen, a girl in the making who doesn't know who she is. That's what growing up is for. I'm not rebellious, being completely the opposite. Writing and graphic designing are ways to express myself, considering I'm incapable of drawing or painting to save my life. I look up to two women, and two women only. Yes, those ladies are Madonna and Meryl Streep. Laugh all you want; they're not an average teen's obsession, but I'm no average teen. I'd rather stay in than sneak out. I'd watch movies instead of watch my weight. I'd gush over a fandom instead of a hot guy. You may define that as a nerd or geek, but hey, we all see things differently.

I don't make my life sound better than it actually is, or over exaggerate my everyday situations in my entries. It is what it is. I write it as I see it, feel it, experience it. Oh, I'm an incredibly big user of metaphors, and think way too deep for my age. So if you easily get annoyed by optimistic views, you should leave this page. I used to be quite selective of who I opened up to, but saw no reason to afterward. I am who I am. I do my best to not be let down by people's judgments. I create opinion; opinion does not create me.
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